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UPVC Pipe Fitting
UPVC Pipe Fitting is tougher than PVC pipe, and its structure contains no extra polymer. When constructing a framework out of the pipe, these cross fittings are commonly employed. Crosses may offer a lot of structural strength to a structure. This is very safe to use. 
UPVC Pipes
UPVC Pipes may be used in place of GI Pipes. You may easily bury them beneath concrete slabs since they don't react with cement. Due to their weak heat conductivity, they are also energy efficient. They are very easy to use and simple to handle. 
UPVC Ball Valve
UPVC Ball Valve may be utilized for several fluid materials, including water, air, acids, caustic chemicals, and bases. They are utilized in the oil and gas sector for a variety of applications. If you're an oil or gas engineer, you already know how important ball valves are in pipeline systems. 
Pipe Elbow
Pipe Elbow sweep specifies how quickly a transition or change in direction occurs. It is very easy to use and simple to handle. This elbow is widely utilized in a variety of industries, depending on the needs of the clients. To adjust the angle or direction of the pipe run, use this tool

UPVC Reducer Fitting
UPVC Reducer Fitting is suitable for use with potable water. The pressure bearing capability of the Astral Aquarius uPVC solvent joint plumbing system is double that of threaded pipe. It is most typically used, although it may also be utilized with other CPVC and PVC pipe materials if necessary.

UPVC Tee is used to connect two lines into a single mainline. This tee is a common type of pipe fitting. Because the branch and the run-pipe have the same diameter, the equal tee is employed. Many common home chemicals have developed resistance. This is very cost-effective to use. 

UPVC Pipe Coupler
UPVC Pipe Coupler is used to provide leak-free connections in the chemical, processing, oil, gas, petrochemical, and power generation sectors. This is both inexpensive and convenient to use. Instrumentation, process, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas, and other tube structures are all protected against potentially costly and dangerous leaks.

UPVC Heavy Duty Adhesive
UPVC Heavy Duty Adhesive is manufactured in compliance with industry standards, utilizing high-quality component inputs and cutting-edge technology. It is not only functional but also cost-efficient and safe to use. This is very easy to install and simple to handle. 

Solvent Cement
Solvent Cement is preferable to use one of the applicators below or a tiny paintbrush to apply it. You may use the solvent cement to chemically bond pipes to the connection fittings.  Our Solvent Cement is safe to use. This cement is very effective as well as economical. 
UPVC Pipe for Drainage
UPVC Pipe for Drainage enables leak-proof, torque-free sealing. This is used to join several pipes of the same or different sizes in a plumbing system. This attaches at the ends of pipes and enables them to change direction, control flow, and change diameter.

Reducing Brass Elbow for Construction Industry
Reducing Brass Elbow for Construction Industry is extensively manufactured and widely utilized in different low to high-pressure fluid systems to direct flow at a 90-degree angle. It is made of high-quality materials such stainless steel and carbon steel, which give great strength and stiffness to endure impact forces, high pressures, and extreme temperatures. 

UPVC Nipple for Tanks
UPVC Nipple for Tanks is straightforward to install as well as utilize. This plumbing fitting is available in big numbers at a reasonable and inexpensive price for buyers. This nipple is made using UPVC materials and is great to use. This is very effective and economical too. 

UPVC Fittings
UPVC Fittings are also being used to carry chloride and other chemicals in the chemical industry. They may also be used in agriculture as an irrigation sprinkling pipe for farmland irrigation. They are also used in the construction of sewage systems. They are more common in the electrical sector.

UPVC Solid Ball Valves
UPVC Solid Ball Valves is quite amazing. This is also utilized to feed furnaces with fuel gas. The most common fluid shutdown valve in upstream oil and gas production facilities, both onshore and offshore, is the ball valve. It is very much liked and widely used by people in the market.